SUSSK is a “capsule brand” of vulcanized footwear debuting with its SS17 Collection.\r\nThe uniqueness of the product is due to the revisiting , through a minimal design key , of a category of products – that of\r\nvulcanized footwear – nowadays still visually too anchored to overly standardized “classic” styles and features .\r\nSUSSK name origins from an abbreviation of renowned physicist Leonard Susskind , known for his “holographic principle”\r\ntheory according to which our tri-dimensional reality can be represented , as commonly happens with holograms , by data\r\non a bi-dimensional surface. The SS17 collection is entirely centered on the utilization of die-cut coated canvas and their superficial visual and tactile features that combined with the near absence of visible stitchings on its 2-sewn pieces upper , contribute to synthetize the concept of flat 2D surfaces becoming a 3D object.