About Us

In 1970 Beppe Specie founded Spazio Specie, a show room specialised in the distribution of shoes and accessories. Starting in the 80’s, Spazio Specie exhibited its collections at the most important fashion fairs and started cooperations with emerging designers who then became leaders in the following decades, such as: Romeo Gigli, Jean Paul Gaultier, Stephane Kelian, Robert Clergerie, Patrick Cox, Fausto Santini and Gianni Barbato.

Our staff have a huge experience to offer a qualified service and assistance on the product choice facilitating the dialogue between the showroom and international buyers who wanted to approach innovative collections. In the last few years Spazio Specie has maintained an intense business relationship with modern factories that keep on using techniques to make shoes by hand such as Elena Iachi, Strategia, Pomme D’or, Camper and Sarah Summer. Spazio Specie is not just a simple show room but goes beyond the traditional concept of exhibition. It researches an aesthetic closely related to the style of the most innovative shops in the world.

Located in an industrial building with a strong and tough structure, not far from downtown Bologna, Spazio Specie has an area of 500 squared meters. The interior surfaces of the show room are illuminated by natural light that seeps in through the wide windows, typical in industrials lofts, making the exhibition objects and furniture to stand out as real unique pieces that are the result of a conceptual and material reworking. Shoes and accessories are perfectly blended in design and colours of this stylish and sophisticated frame.

During 40 years of hard and accurate work we have successfully expanded our clientele to 77 countries worldwide. Today the son Matteo Specie helps him and carries forward the future of the company with his cutting-edge vision. Thus the portfolio is including several historical names like Paul Warmer Netherlands, Monar Belgium, Breuninger Germany, Brown’s Canada, Scarpa New Zeland, Emanuel Israel, Baycrew’s Japan. As for Italy we work with Rinascente Milan and Rome, Cappelletto Treviso, The Cube Padova, Michel Bologna, Gaudenzi Riccione, Société Anonyme Florence, Deliberti Naples, Quadra Bari.  All customers are assisted by Spazio Specie customer service every day, establishing year by year not only a business relationship but a solid and mutual respect based on well-timed communication.