Carol P.

Collection Description

The brand “Carol P.” was born during pandemia. Getting inspiration from the greek meaning of the word “crisis”, Anna and Cristina tried to turn this dark period into a change, a rebirth. Thanks to their over thirty years of experience in the fashion world, they decided to make a bag collection that could be practical, easy to wear but at the same time different and original, to give a touch of colour to the grey period we are living. All bags are produced in Tuscany using precious fabrics and high quality wools. Many bags have handles made of real bamboo, a reference to a Florentine fashion icon of the sixties, that enrich the look of the bags. Anna and Cristina are very attentive to details and innovation. They are lucky to live in Florence, one of the most beautiful city in the world. They are constantly living surrounded by art and beauty and it’s also from this they can get inspiration, trying to transmit something unique when they create their handbags. In any case they are always very careful to offer practicality, comfort and a great relationship between quality and price.